Free PVwizard Contest - Win $50!

To help introduce Wattminder's ground-breaking analytical tool for checking up on photovoltaic generation sites (solar power arrays), we are conducting this educational public contest, to bring awareness to the fact that Billions of dollars worth of electricity are being wasted in worlds solar arrays, due to under-performance. Our tool helps to detect this condition in many publicly accessible web or kiosk monitoring display(,, etc); minimal requirement is that sufficient information about a PV site, one or more measured output (in KW, or kWh, with date and time). By using our web tool in open beta, it is possible within a few minutes, to check up on a PV installation, and determine if the site maybe under-performing by 25%(or more for the purpose of this contest, but otherwise functioning.) , based on law of physics, and mathematics. (Note: Only site not already in the database in PVwizard will be eligible for reward.)

$50 or optionally, a Virtual Visit Assessment of a small PV site (viewable in GoogleMap, or GoogleEarth) may be chosen in lieu of cash.

Contest Rules:
Due to budget constraint, a limited number of awards will be given.

To be eligible for the prizes, all the following steps/rules need to be completed:

  1. Register free, as a PVwizard user, also verifying your email address.
  2. Quickly learn the set of analytical tools offered at, in open-beta; try our free Android app--PVwizard.
  3. Browse publicly accessible (without user account & password) monitoring page, with verified URL, shall be used. Create a site for your candidate site, with all site parameter values you can find.
  4. Gather parameters required to verify (apparent) under-performance--location by ZIPcode or Lat-Long., array specification, array tilt & azimuth, brand and model of modules, reported total of output power or energy (hourly) indicated; measured or correlated irradiance and cell or ambient temperature at the site.
  5. Attest to legal waver and understanding of Contest Rules and fulfillment of entry and qualifications, and Submit Contest Entry.

Upon verification by our engineers, payment will be done through Paypal to contestant's account.

The contest is being held as an educational and public awareness exercise. Wattminder, or its contestants will be held-harmless, for any incidental, consequential damage as a result of engaging in this contest. Wattminder or its contestants are not responsible for any in-accuracy, or proper functioning of sensors, instrumentation, or web representation at websites maintained by third parties. Only new site, not already in our database, will be eligible for entry.